Christmas Eve, 1917

This is one of my favorites! It was Christmas Eve in the year 1917.

Aunt Lib was only three and a half months old and Uncle Edwin was seven. My parents had recently moved into their new home on NW 3rd Street in Homestead. My father worked for Dr. Tower at his drugstore on Krome Avenue and NW 2nd Street (finally destroyed by Hurricane Andrew in 1992). It had turned very cold the day before and the temperature rapidly dropped to below 20 degrees.

My parents and Edwin and Lib were all huddled together under the one blanket they owned in the front bedroom trying to keep warm when a knock sounded on the door.

My father shouted out, “Who is it?”

A voice replied “Doc Tower. I’ve brought you a Christmas present.”

My father replied “Just leave it on the front porch.”

When they got up on Christmas morning and brought in the present and opened it, guess what they found? It was a brand new wool blanket!

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