Things My Grandmother Told Me

My grandmother Caplinger told me:

  1. She was so small when she was born she had to be carried around on a pillow for at least three months. She had a little brother who died when he was born. He was very small.
  2. When she was ten years old, she saw Abraham Lincoln inaugurated. She remembers the slaves picking cotton and singing Swing Low, Sweet Chariot.
  3. Also when she was ten years old her mother died and she had to go and live with her oldest sister, Sarah Foster Young. She had to help cook for a large number of fieldhands. She was so sad, tired and cold she would just stop and cry. That was when they sent her to the smokehouse for a large ham and she could be alone for a little while.
  4. When she was little bears would come around the cabin at night and try to get in.
  5. After she and my grandfather got married they moved to Tennessee, then Arkansas, Mississippi, and finally homesteaded in Florida.
  6. She said one day when my grandfather cut down a tree, it fell on their big white dog, “Queenie” and broke her neck.
  7. She used to work in a candy store and the men would come in and spit on the floor, so they put down sawdust.
  8. She said Stephen Collins Foster was her third cousin but I have never found proof of that. Her father did look like Stephen Foster.

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