Back to WordPress. Again.

Hi everybody!

The Corporon Family Portal has once again switched back to WordPress. This was done for security reasons, rather than sheer curiosity, as it was when I switched the first time. I love the e107 CMS but lately it has become a bit stagnant and has suffered some major hacking attempts.

WordPress, on the other hand, while it is not immune from hacking attempts (no CMS or blogging system is absolutely secure), continues to make steady progress, responds quickly to user input, and continues to steadily release major upgrades. And, like e107, it is fairly easy to use and customize.

So, here we go again! As soon as I am able, I will import the data from e107 into the new framework. You may comment to your heart’s content without having to log in at all. I will have to manually approve your first comment. After that you will be free to comment without any hassle.


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