The Dirty Beast

When Dan’s mother, Lucile, moved to Florida after she was widowed, she had a little house built next door to us. At one time we adopted a large male doberman pinscher, Blitz, that was pretty mean. It was all we could do to control him. When Dan and I were at home we usually let him off his chain to run around. Now Grandma Corporon had a very good friend, [ . . . ]

Richard Caplinger and the Bird Cage

When Richard Caplinger graduated from high school, the family was living in South Miami. Someone drove to Homestead and picked up his grandmother Gertrude, so she could attend the graduation ceremony. She was waiting on the family to finish getting ready when Agnes left the bedroom and went into the kitchen. Agnes let out a blood curdling scream and everyone ran to see what terrible thing had happened. Naughty Richard [ . . . ]

Lloyd and Robin

Another Field story involved Lloyd and Robin. Robin had given birth to Nathan up at Baptist Hospital. And it happened to be Lloyd’s birthday. That evening when Lib and Lloyd visited Robin, she said, “Well Daddy, how do you like your birthday present (meaning Nathan)?” Lloyd replied in his wry way, “I’d just as soon had a tie!”

Kathryn and Grandma

Here is a real cute little story about Kathryn Field Wall, daughter of Lloyd and Elizabeth Caplinger Field. When she was just a little girl my mother was taking care of her one day. Now my mother had dandruff pretty bad and loved to sit with her comb and scratch her scalp with it. She looked into a hand mirror during this process and the dandruff would soon cover the [ . . . ]

All About Your Uncle Robert

Robert was born March 21, 1921 in Homestead, FL. He married at a very young age and his wife’s (Margaret Lawrence) mother had the marriage annulled. Then after World War II, in which he served in the Pacific Theater, he came home, met Eileen Fay and married her. They had two children and the marriage ended in divorce. Later on he met Rosa Mae Brown nee Hendrix. She was a [ . . . ]

Grandma Roth, babysitter par excellance

At the time Iris was visiting and Grandma Roth was living with us, Iris had a two year old girl named Paula. We wanted to go to town without taking Paula along, so Iris asked Grandma Roth to baby sit. At this time she was around 90 years old. Paula was a real handful so we didn’t know how it would work out. However much to Iris’s amazement Paula was [ . . . ]

Pickled Pig’s Feet and Limburger Cheese

Several times when Ray and I were pretty young we experienced the most awful smell you can imagine. Upon investigation we found our parents out in the kitchen sitting at the table with plates containing pickled pig’s feet and Limburger cheese. And they were actually eating this awful smelling and awful looking food. They also had a special glow from some glasses of beer. They were smiling sweetly and tried [ . . . ]

Grandma Roth and the Fireant

In the early 1940’s my grandmother Roth moved to Florida where she lived with us for several years. Ray and I were thrilled about it because we thought she would be like Grandma Caplinger, whom we adored. We were wrong. She turned out to be a mean old lady. She became totally blind while she lived with us. I remember she had glass eyes! One of the things she did [ . . . ]

Things My Grandmother Told Me

My grandmother Caplinger told me: She was so small when she was born she had to be carried around on a pillow for at least three months. She had a little brother who died when he was born. He was very small. When she was ten years old, she saw Abraham Lincoln inaugurated. She remembers the slaves picking cotton and singing Swing Low, Sweet Chariot. Also when she was ten [ . . . ]

Quick Thinking Edwin

Here is a great story about Edwin and Agnes told to me by them a few years ago. It was in 1932 and Agnes was pregnant with Mary Lou. They decided to go fishing down in the Keys along with Edwin’s best friend, Ferrin Pinder. The railroad to Key West was still in existence. I don’t remember which Key they went to, but they all got out of the car [ . . . ]