Eliza Lydia Caplinger and Family

Here are some photos of Eliza Lydia Caplinger and some of our common family members. Eliza was the paternal grandmother of Fay Caplinger Corporon and her siblings. Pictured are: Eliza Lydia Caplinger, c. 1890 Eliza, c. 1921 Samuel Edwin Caplinger and Eliza Lydia, c. 1940 Samuel, Eliza, Agnes Hamilton Caplinger, Lance Caplinger, c. 1940 Eliza, Samuel, Elizabeth Caplinger Field, Robin Field, c. 1940

Quick Thinking Edwin

Here is a great story about Edwin and Agnes told to me by them a few years ago. It was in 1932 and Agnes was pregnant with Mary Lou. They decided to go fishing down in the Keys along with Edwin’s best friend, Ferrin Pinder. The railroad to Key West was still in existence. I don’t remember which Key they went to, but they all got out of the car [ . . . ]