The Dirty Beast

When Dan’s mother, Lucile, moved to Florida after she was widowed, she had a little house built next door to us. At one time we adopted a large male doberman pinscher, Blitz, that was pretty mean. It was all we could do to control him. When Dan and I were at home we usually let him off his chain to run around. Now Grandma Corporon had a very good friend, [ . . . ]

All About Your Uncle Robert

Robert was born March 21, 1921 in Homestead, FL. He married at a very young age and his wife’s (Margaret Lawrence) mother had the marriage annulled. Then after World War II, in which he served in the Pacific Theater, he came home, met Eileen Fay and married her. They had two children and the marriage ended in divorce. Later on he met Rosa Mae Brown nee Hendrix. She was a [ . . . ]