Richard Caplinger and the Bird Cage

When Richard Caplinger graduated from high school, the family was living in South Miami. Someone drove to Homestead and picked up his grandmother Gertrude, so she could attend the graduation ceremony. She was waiting on the family to finish getting ready when Agnes left the bedroom and went into the kitchen. Agnes let out a blood curdling scream and everyone ran to see what terrible thing had happened. Naughty Richard [ . . . ]

Kathryn and Grandma

Here is a real cute little story about Kathryn Field Wall, daughter of Lloyd and Elizabeth Caplinger Field. When she was just a little girl my mother was taking care of her one day. Now my mother had dandruff pretty bad and loved to sit with her comb and scratch her scalp with it. She looked into a hand mirror during this process and the dandruff would soon cover the [ . . . ]

Things My Grandmother Told Me

My grandmother Caplinger told me: She was so small when she was born she had to be carried around on a pillow for at least three months. She had a little brother who died when he was born. He was very small. When she was ten years old, she saw Abraham Lincoln inaugurated. She remembers the slaves picking cotton and singing Swing Low, Sweet Chariot. Also when she was ten [ . . . ]