Grandma Roth, babysitter par excellance

At the time Iris was visiting and Grandma Roth was living with us, Iris had a two year old girl named Paula. We wanted to go to town without taking Paula along, so Iris asked Grandma Roth to baby sit. At this time she was around 90 years old. Paula was a real handful so we didn’t know how it would work out. However much to Iris’s amazement Paula was [ . . . ]

Grandma Roth and the Fireant

In the early 1940’s my grandmother Roth moved to Florida where she lived with us for several years. Ray and I were thrilled about it because we thought she would be like Grandma Caplinger, whom we adored. We were wrong. She turned out to be a mean old lady. She became totally blind while she lived with us. I remember she had glass eyes! One of the things she did [ . . . ]