Catcerto by Nora the Cat and Some Humans

Nora the Cat is a cat. She is a unique cat. She is a cat that plays the piano. Her human is a piano teacher. Sometimes during or after her human gives a piano lesson Nora will jump up on the piano stool and start playing her own improvised music. There are several videos on YouTube that show Nora’s musical prowess. They are very cute. Another human had a bright [ . . . ]

Give Me Jesus

This is a wonderful arrangement of a beautiful spiritual. It’s hard to believe this is a high school choir singing! This concert took place at St. Nicholas Church at Old Town Square in Prague, Czech Republic. Give Me Jesus is sung by the Central Islip Concert Choir, directed by Mr. John Anthony.

The Messiah Organist’s Last Job

I wasn’t quite sure what to think of the title of this YouTube video when it arrived in my e-mail today. Why would I need to listen to a clip from the Messiah (by G. F. Handel)—I’ve only played and/or sung it dozens of times, at least. However, taking into consideration the person that sent it to me, I was sure there would be something interesting, and it was only [ . . . ]