My mom, Fay Ruth Caplinger Corporon, spent a lot of time researching the family histories of the Caplingers and the Corporons in the 1970s and 1980s. The result was two books, entitled Commoners and Kings (volumes I and II). In addition, Percy V. Corporon, an uncle of my father, Dan L. Corporon Sr., wrote a family history, Tales of a Poor Fat Boy.

Neither book was ever published conventionally, and since there is no copyright in effect for either one, I intend on scanning and making each available here on this website. This will be a time intensive project, but the only problem I really foresee has to do with the photographs from both books. They were simply photocopied and inserted in the books, so I don’t have access to the originals. If anyone does have access to the original photos I would be interested in having scans made and sent to me via e-mail. Please contact me if you know these books and have access to the original photos.

My goal is that all three books will be scanned and made available as soon as possible.

Commoners and Kings v. 1

Commoners and Kings v. 2

Tales of a Poor Fat Boy